Our Property Management Services

We provide comprehensive property management services for your rental property.

1. Promotion and advertising – We use multiple online and physical presences to market your property.  We do not use large photos of ourselves on signs as that is promoting the agent, not the property!

2. Leasing and tenant selection – We are often able to start advertising and inspections of currently occupied properties.  Should the property become vacant then we will arrange and do as many inspections as necessary to ensure quickest leasing. We will even open properties many times a day and out of hours.

3. Ongoing inspections, repairs and maintenance – We carry out an initial inspection prior to tenants moving in. We then inspect at three months and then every six months. We provide a written report post inspection and action all repairs and maintenance requirements with urgency.

4. Outgoings and disbursements – We will process owner outgoings and disburse rent fortnightly to assist owners with cash-flow. We apply informal prompting on any arrears and take actions as per legislation to manage arrears.

4. Rental reviews and lease renewals – We review agreements annually and inform the owner on the results of comparable market analysis. We sign tenants onto new fixed term leases  where ever possible providing certainty for all parties.

5. Communicate, communicate, communicate – We will keep the suppliers, tenants and owners in the loop at all times and regularly consult with them out of hours as and when required. Our key management system is cloud based so all parties have access to information at all times.

We treat your investement like we treat our own, with superior property management services.